Update to the Clients, Referrers and Third Party areas now live!

Hi there!

We're excited to announce that the update to the Clients, Referrers and Third Party areas of Power Diary is now live!

This is part of our ongoing rollout of Power Diary's new design which helps ensure the system plays well, and makes full use of evolving technology. (You can learn more about this here.)

One of the key themes of the updated design is to give each screen a more specific focus.  Whilst it can be useful to have lots of information available on one screen, it can easily become confusing, especially for newer users. It’s also slower as the system has to do more work to prepare your data, and overcrowded pages are difficult to use on phones and tablets. 

You'll notice this update now groups related information together to give each page a clearer purpose.  We've also added some new features.

Here is a quick summary - 


The 'Clients' menu will now be called 'People'


"Create" is now even more useful

The "Create" option now allows you to quickly add new Clients, Referrers, Contacts and Third Parties.

Profiles are now Cleaner and Better Organised

The Profile pages for Clients, Referrers, Third Parties and Contacts have been revised and simplified.  You'll find everything that was there before but you can now more quickly navigate to the desired area of a profile using a simple menu structure.


More flexible Messaging Options

The Communication features have been redesigned and enhanced.  You can now send individual SMS and Emails to clients by either using a template as a base and editing the content before sending or by simply entering any message you want.  (We have also added a "Message History" section in the Client's profile allowing you to more easily see the history of messages sent and SMS replies received between you and the client.)

More Seamless Letter and Report Writing

We've enhanced the letter and report writing experience.  You can now generate, edit, print and save letters and reports to the Client's file without leaving Power Diary.  Of course, if you'd prefer to export them to Word or PDF you can still do that too.  To check this out just go to the Client Profile and click on Communication > New Letter.


New 'Correspondence' Section in Client Record

Under the Client 'Records' menu you'll now find Notes and Files as well as a new section called 'Correspondence'. When writing letters, or sending SMS or emails you'll see an option to 'Save to the Permanent Correspondence Record' which will store the communication in the Correspondence section and make it part of the formal permanent client Record. You'd use this if you were writing a letter to the client's GP for instance and needed this to be formally recorded.  

You'll be able to access this area for your own clients automatically, but you'll only be able to see this for other clients in your practice if you already have special user permission to "Access All Client Session Notes". 

If you are the system administrator you can control others' access to the Correspondence area by going to Setup > Users and editing the new "Access all Client Correspondence" user permission.  By default though if a user does not already have access to the Notes area they will not be able to see the Correspondence area.

Do I need to do anything?

Accounts will be upgraded automatically with these new features so there is nothing you need to do. As always though if you have any questions or feedback we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch.


- Damien on behalf of the Power Diary team

Known Bugs and Pending Changes from Feedback (19th Oct 2017)

 Send your feedback to: support@powerdiary.com We'd love to hear from you.

- Printing Notes (Bug): There is a bug preventing Notes from being printed.  We are working on this issue currently.

- Notes Display (Feedback): We have had some feedback that people preferred being able to see the whole Session Note as well as past Notes on the same page.  This is something we are looking into.  Please do send us you feedback on this.

- Adding Contacts (Bug): There is a bug preventing the capacity to add contacts directly from the Client area.  We are addressing this.  In the interim, you add a Contact by going to People > Create.

- Internet Explorer File Upload (Bug): The button to upload files is not showing in the Client > Records > Files area.  Internet Explorer is not longer recommended or updated by Microsoft and it is recommended you switch to Chrome or Firefox as Internet Explorer functionality will continue to decline with time.  We are however investigating if there is a workaround for this current issue.  

- Saving Details on a Contacts profile (Bug): A bug is currently restricting certain details (DOB, Gender) from being saved in the Contacts details page.