Update to the Clients Menu (13th Oct 2017)

Hi there!

We'll be soon releasing an exciting update to the Clients, Referrers and Third Party areas of Power Diary. This is part of our ongoing rollout of Power Diary's new design which you can read more about here. Here is a summary of what you'll notice - 

The 'Clients' menu will now be called 'People'


"Create" is now even more useful

The "Create" option now allows you to quickly add new Clients, Referrers, Contacts and Third Parties.

Profiles are now Cleaner and Better Organised

The Profile pages for Clients, Referrers, Third Parties and Contacts have been revised and simplified.  You can now also quickly navigate to the desired area of a profile using a simple menu structure.


More flexible Messaging Options

The Communication features have been redesigned and enhanced.  You can now send individual SMS and Emails to clients by either using a template as a base and editing the content before sending or by simply entering any message you want.  (We have also added a "Message History" section in the Client's profile allowing you to more easily see the history of messages sent and SMS replies received between you and the client.)

More Seamless Letter and Report Writing

We've enhanced the letter and report writing experience.  You can now generate, edit, print and save letters and reports to the Client's file without leaving Power Diary.  Of course, if you'd prefer to export them to Word or PDF you can still do that too.

Do I need to do anything?

Accounts will be upgraded automatically with these new features so there is nothing you need to do. As always though if you have any questions or feedback we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch.


- Damien on behalf of the Power Diary team