Update to Reports (14th March 2017)

We have updated our Reports features with a new look and expanded functionality. This update is part of our rollout of Power Diary's redesign to further enhance the look, feel and functionality of the system. (You can read more about this here.)  We've outlined the key details of this update below.


Rearranged and Simplified Menu items:

  1. The 'Accounts' menu has been renamed 'Sales & Payments'
  2. We've removed 'Accounts Receivables' from the old Accounts menu, and this can be found under Reports > Financial > Aged Receivables
  3. 'Activity Summary' is now just called 'Activity'. The content remains the same except we have defaulted the date range to look at the past day, rather than the past week.
  4. Under Financial Reports 'Sales And Payments' is now called 'Invoices & Payments'
  5. Under Financial Reports 'Products & Services' is now called 'Sales'

New Functionality (and how to use it):

Reports now have greater flexibility and better display your business data. You can directly print reports, or export them to Excel or PDF format. You can also filter Report contents by column heading, or group the content based on a column. We've stepped out how to use these new features below. 

How to Print a report

  1. Access the report and select the filters (i.e. Select dates etc)
  2. Click 'Run Report'
  3. Click 'Print

How to Export a Report in Excel or PDF Format

  1. Access the report and select the filters (ie Select dates etc)
  2. Click 'Run Report'
  3. Click 'Excel' or 'PDF' to open the report in the desired format

How to sort the report based on a column heading

You can sort the report content based on any of the column headings. For example, you may wish to sort the report alphabetically based on the client's name, or by date. To do this just hover your mouse over the column heading and use the arrows to sort Ascending (A-Z or lowest to highest) or Descending (Z- A, or highest to lowest), or click on the arrows and select the sort order from the list. You are also able to filter based on other variables such as rows that contain or start with a certain value, or rows that empty and more. 

How to group the report based on a column heading 
You are able to group the report contents based on a column heading. There are two ways to do this:

Dragging the column heading

  1. Click on the column heading
  2. Drag the column heading into the section above the table with the text 'Drag a column and drop it here to group by that column'

Using the sort function list

  1. Hover over the column heading until the arrows appear in the top right-hand corner of the heading
  2. Click on the arrow
  3. Use the menu to select 'Group By this column'

The result: 

 The different values from the column will be grouped in each row and the total number of values that match will be shown in the bracket. For example, there are two invoices in this report with the description 'Client 1 Service'. If you want to view the details of these two invoices, you can use the arrow on the left-hand side to expand the row.

We hope you enjoy these updates. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

- Claire