Updates on DVA Integration Release (7th Dec 2017)

11th December 2017

We are now closing applications for beta testing. We received a great response and will be in touch with those users soon. Thanks again for reaching out.

We'll post any updates here as they come!

7th December 2017

We are pleased to advise that the DVA integration has been completed and passed internal testing.  We are now commencing limited Beta testing with some practices.  If you're interested in gaining early access to the DVA integration please let us know via support@powerdiary.com. We'll be updating here again soon with the general release date.

- Damien 

2nd November 2017

We are pleased to announce that our NOI has been issued!  We are now working to update the DVA claiming processes to work with updates that have since been applied to the system.  We expect to have this released in the coming weeks. 

- Damien 

18th September 2017

Hi All,

Just letting you know we have continued to follow up with Medicare, however, are yet to receive any update from them regarding when they will resume issuing NOI certificates. The integration is fully built, tested and passed by Medicare's testing team, and therefore once Medicare issues the NOI we will be able to release the DVA very quickly.  Again thank you for your patience.  

- Damien 

3rd August 2017

Hi All,

This is somewhat a 'no update' update but wanted to keep you informed of where things are at and what is happening behind-the-scenes.  (The background to the delay of the DVA integration can be found in the post below so I won't go over that again.)  

Since May we have made regular contact with Medicare requesting that they issue the NOI as quickly as possible and have advised them of the significant impact this delay is having on our users.  Medicare has expressed that their review of the integration requirements for all software providers is still in progress and that the freeze on issuing new NOI certificates is ongoing. During our most recent contact from Medicare today they have apologised for the continuing delay and have assured us that they are working through the matters at their end and will provide a progress update soon.

I'm sorry we do not have a more concrete update to provide and that this situation is ongoing.  We take responsibility for our users' experience and don't like attributing problems to others. Unfortunately, in this situation, we are genuinely stuck until the NOI has been issued.  Rest assured though that this situation is front-and-center on our radar and we will continue to encourage Medicare to progress this as a priority.

Thanks again for your patience!

- Damien 

8th May 2017

Hi All,

Just a quick update in relation to the release timeline of our DVA integration. As you may be aware, at the end of February we had completed our integration and were advised by Medicare that we had formally passed all their auditing and testing processes. Following this, the normal process is that Medicare transfers the application to an online services team who then issue a "Notification of Integration" (NOI) and this enables the integration to "go live". This final step typically takes two weeks. As such, we were advised that we would be live at the start of March. 

The two week period passed and the NOI had not yet been issued. Subsequently, we have been in regular contact with Medicare to encourage the certificate to be issued in a timely manner as we are aware of the importance of this to our users. We were recently advised that Medicare put a temporary freeze on the issuing of NOI's for all software providers Australia wide whilst they update elements of the integration requirements. We are staying in regular contact with Medicare and based on our most recent advice we understand that our NOI may be issued within the next two weeks. We appreciate your patience with this and we understand this has a real-world impact on billing workflows. Whilst we are optimistic that the NOI will be issued within the two weeks, Medicare is not able to guarantee this based on a number of factors at their end that they are working through. We will post updates on this article as we know more and hope to be bringing you good news soon.

- The Power Diary Team