Tweaks, Updates and Bug Fixes (20th Oct 2017)

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the feedback regarding the update to the Clients, Referrers and Third Party areas yesterday.  We have reviewed this and have released some tweaks, updates and bug fixes overnight that are now live in all accounts that we hope you'll find useful.  (There are a few things that we are still working on which will be released over the next few days.)

Developed and Released: 

Update to Notes format:

We tweaked how Notes are displayed. By moving the Activity Focus and Status here is now more horizontal and vertical space for each note allowing for quicker review of past notes, and less scrolling. We have also modified the font used so it does not appear 'bolded'. 

We are also currently working on a further update to the way New notes are created, so that users will be able to view and easily reference existing notes as they write the new Note.


Details Page: 

Medicare:  The Medicare Card details can now be entered and validated directly on the Details page to allow for quick reference and data entry.

Additional Comments: We received feedback from a number of users that the 'Additional Comments' section was too small.  We have updated this now to span the width of the page, allowing you to read through and add information to this more easily. 


Day and Time added to the Client Appointments page: 

The day and time of the appointment have been placed back into the 'Date' column to make it easier to reference this table when speaking to your clients or reviewing this information. 


Add 'New Payments' to Third Parties more Easily:

When creating new payments via Sales & Payments > New Payment you can now search for Third Parties and add payments directly.


Bug Fixes Released:

Permissions: We had an issue that was preventing users with access to client File Uploads from accessing these. This has now been resolved.

Statements: There was a bug that was preventing users from selecting invoices to include in a new statement which has now been fixed.

Client Contacts: We have resolved an issue which was causing some users to be redirected to an error page when creating or editing contacts.

Client Salutations: Client salutations were defaulting to the option of 'Mr' - this has now been fixed. We have also added a 'No Salutation' option.

Invoices: The 'Previous Invoice' and 'Next Invoice' buttons on the Edit Invoice page were behaving incorrectly, we have made some changes to rectify this.

Phone Numbers: Once a Work and Home phone number had been entered into the Client Details page the 'Work' and 'Home' labels were hidden.  Additional labels have been applied to correct this.  

Thanks again for your feedback, input and support.

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch you can do so via email, chat or phone

- Damien, on behalf of the Power Diary Team