The Client Portal Now Accepts Credit Card Payments (5th July 2017)

Following our recent integration with Stripe to accept credit card payments, we have now integrated Stripe with the client portal so that you can allow your clients to pay for their appointments. You can either make the payment required when the client is making a booking in the portal, or you can make this optional so that the client can choose to pay for the appointment then, or later.

To be able to accept payments via your client portal you will first need to connect your Power Diary account to your Stripe account. We have some information on how to this and further information on the Stripe integration in our article here.

The next step is to turn this setting on in Setup> Client Portal by selecting whether you would like the payment to be Optional or Required. If you do not want to accept payments via the client portal then ensure that this is set to Disabled.


In the client portal, the experience will remain the same up to the Confirmation step.

If you have opted for payments to be optional then the client can tick 'Pay' and input their credit card details to process the payment and book the appointment.


If you have opted for the payment to be required then the client will need to enter their card details to be able to pay for and book the appointment.




1. Can clients make payments for Group Bookings/Classes?

At this stage when a client is booking into a class they do not select a service. As such, the payment cannot be support as there is no defined charge for the booking.
2. Will there be a processing fee for payments made via the client portal?
Yes, the processing fee will be applicable. See our article here for the fee information.