Submitting a Medicare Bulk Bill claim is a very simple process.

  1. From the edit invoice view, click on the "Medicare" link.
  2. Click on "Create Bulk Bill"
  3. Review the claim data and if it's all correct, then click "Send".  
  4. Medicare will respond within a few seconds confirming that the claim has been "Referred" or "Rejected".  If it's rejected, reasons will be supplied so that you can fix and resubmit.
  5. If the claim has been Referred this means that it has gone through to Medicare for review. Medicare will respond in 24+ hours with a Payment Report and Processing Report with payment information. Read our article here for more information on these reports.

 Submitting Bulk Bill Claims in a Batch

Rather than submitting the claims individually, you are able to save the claim and then submit them at a later time in a batch. You may wish to do this if you would prefer the claims to be paid in the same payment run by Medicare into your bank account. Typically, Medicare will pay all claims submitted by a provider in a day in a batch the next day.

To submit your claims in a batch:

  1. From the edit invoice view, click on the "Medicare" link.
  2. Click on "Create Bulk Bill"
  3. Review the claim data and if it's all correct, then click "Save and Send Later". This will save the claim in a 'Prepared' status meaning it has not been submitted yet.
  4. Access Tools > Medicare
  5. Select the date and claim type filters and click 'Run' to generate a list of claims that you are ready to submit in a batch
  6. Scroll down and click 'Batch Submit all Preparted Bulk Bill Claims'. Any Prepared Bulk Bill claims will then be submitted in a batch to Medicare.
  7. You can then select 'View Last Batch of Bulk Bills Batch Submitted' to check what was successfully sent.

Recording a Bulk Bill Payment

When a Bulk Bill payment is made it is important to record this payment on the Invoice.  

  1. If you haven't already you'll need to add 'Bulk Bill' as a payment method to your account by going to Setup > Custom Lists > Payment Methods and click Add Payment Method.  In Item Name enter 'Bulk Bill' and Save.
  2. Go to Tools > Medicare
  3. Click on View Bulk Bill Payment Status Report
  4. Check the Amount Paid column to see what has been paid, and then click on the Invoice Number to access the Edit Invoice screen.
  5. Use the Add Payment to this Invoice function to add a Bulk Bill payment for the amount paid.


1. Why is there no Medicare link on the editing invoice page?

If you do not see a Medicare link on the editing invoice page you will need to ensure that the invoice has Medicare listed as the insurer. In the client record under 'Billing', you can add Medicare as the insurer, this can then be linked to an existing invoice by editing the invoice and using the Insurance drop down box to select Medicare.

2. Why was my Bulk Bill Claim not paid?

If you have submitted a Bulk Bill claim as returned and Medicare have not paid the claim, you will need to check the Processing Report to view Medicare's response. This will explain why they have not paid the claim. We have more information here on how to run this report.

3. How do I cancel a Bulk Bill claim?

Unlike Patient Claims, Medicare require you to contact them directly to cancel Bulk Bill claims. You can contact Medicare on 132 150.