Adding Additional Locations

1. Go to Setup >> Locations

2. Select "Add New Location"

3. Enter the Location Name, Email, Address, and any Additional Invoice Text you would like to appear on invoices that is specific to this location.

4. Click "Save".



Changing the Location for an Individual Appointment

1. Click on the appointment in the diary.

2. In the appointment panel select the desired location from the Location drop-down list.

3. Click Save.


Changing the Default Location for an Individual Diary

By default all new appointments for all diaries will default to the main location listed in Setup>> Locations. Only use the following if you would like to change the default location for a particular diary to something different.

 1. Go to Setup >> Diaries.  Select the diary to edit.

2. Change "Default Location for New Appointments" to the location desired.

3. Click Save.

All new appointments entered in this diary in times that are not rostered will now be assigned to the Default Location selected.