(1) Activating your email reminders

(2) Selecting the email reminder notice period

(3) Customising your email content

(4) Changing email reminder settings for individual clients and appointments


(1) Activating Your Email Reminders

By default, new clients have their appointment reminder type (SMS or Email) set to SMS.  You can change this to email reminders as follows:

  1. Go to Setup > Configuration > Reminders
  2. Under Client Appointment Reminder Settings switch on "Automatically send Appointment Reminders to Clients" and select the desired email template and sending period and click "Save"


(2) Selecting the Email Template and Notice Period for Your Deftault Reminder Settings

Power Diary allows for up to three automatic reminders to be triggered to a client prior to the appointment. Email reminders can be sent 1 to 7 days in advance of the appointment. A default notice period is set for all clients entered into your account, and then this setting can be edited on a client-by-client basis.

 Setting the Default Notice Period

  1. Setup > Configuration > Reminders
  2. Ensure "Automatically Send Appointment Reminders to Clients" is switched on
  3. Starting from 'Reminder 1' select the email reminder template
  4. Select the preferrer number of days before the appointment that this template will be sent
  5. Click 'Save Settings'


(3) Customising Your Reminder Content

The content of your email reminders can be customised to meet your business needs.  You can customise your email reminder however the default email reminder reads as follows:


Hello {ClientFirstName},
This is a courtesy email to confirm your appointment with {AppointmentDiaryShortName} at {AppointmentLocationName} on {AppointmentDate} at {AppointmentStartTime}.
Please contact us on {BusinessPhone} if you need to change your appointment. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you.
Kind regards,


Changing your Email Reminder Content:

You can edit or change your email appointment reminder content at any time as follows:

  1. Go to Tools > Communication > Templates and select the email template to edit or "New Template"
  2. Edit or add your desired content (including any merge fields) and click Save.
  3. Go to Setup > Configuration > Reminders and under Client Appointment Reminder Settings select your desired template
  4. Click 'Save Settings'


(4) Changing Email Reminder Settings for Individual Clients and Appointments

The default account settings for Email reminders can be overridden for individual clients and appointments. You can edit a clients automatic reminders to either turn them on or off, or to change which templates and the sending periods for the templates that are sent to that specific client.

 Turning Email On / Off for an Individual Client

  1. Navigate to the client's profile
  2. Go to Profile > Appointment Reminders and tick or untick the the "Automatically Send Appointment Reminders" box.
  3. Click "Save Changes"

Changing the Email Notice Period or Sending Template for an Individual Client

  1. Navigate to the client's profile
  2. Go to Profile > Appointment Reminders and use the drop down lists for the reminder to select the desired template to send to the client and use the 'days before' drop down list to select the desired number of days prior to the appointment to send that template
  3. Click "Save Changes"



Turning Email Reminders On / Off for an Individual Appointment

You are able to turn the automatic reminder on or off for an individual appointment. This can only be edited for future appointments and is disabled for past appointments.

  1. Click on the appointment in the main diary.
  2. In the Appointment Panel on the right-side of the screen Tick / Untick the "Send Auto Reminder" box.
  3. Click "Save"

Hint: Appointments with an "Orange Phone" symbol indicate that an email reminder will be sent for that appointment.  Appointments with a "Red Phone" symbol indicate that no reminders are due to be sent for that appointment.