Registering Your Details for Bulk Bill Claiming Through Power Diary

Important: You will need to register your provider details against the Location ID in your Power Diary account prior to submitting Bulk Bill claims. If you have not registered, your claims will not reach Medicare.

To register for Medicare online claiming you will need to download and complete a Medicare Online Claiming Provider Agreement form (HW027).  

  • To complete this form you will need a Location ID.  This is obtained in your account by going to Tools >> Medicare >> Clicking to Apply for a Minor Location ID.
  • Please leave Question 3 blank as this is not needed.
  • One form per practitioner provider number needs to be completed and submitted to Medicare.

Medicare requires about one week to process the form.  They won't send you a confirmation to let you know when it has been processed.  Once you have submitted the form you will need to call Medicare on 1300 302 122  to confirm that you can begin to submit online claims or Bulk Bills. 
When you speak to Medicare on that number it is important that you ask if your banking details are registered correctly for the Location ID.

For example: "This is my provider number X123456789. Are my banking details registered for the Location ID PWD000001?"

To prepare your account so that you are ready to submit claims read our article on Preparing For Medicare Online Claiming.