Quick Start Guide

You can be up and running with Power Diary in just a few easy steps. This cheat sheet will take you through everything you need to know to get started.


1. Setup Your Diaries:

Set up diaries for each of your staff who will be using a diary. Here’s how: Go to Setup > Diaries and then customise the diaries as needed. To add new diaries simply click on “Add New Diary

 You can also set the availability of each diary. This will determine what times in each diary are shown as available (white) or not available (greyed out). Here’s how: Go to Setup > Roster and select the available times.


2. Add Your Users:

To maximise security give each staff member who will be accessing Power Diary their own username and password. Here’s how: Go to Setup > Users > Add New User. There are no extra charges for having additional users.


3. Add your Products & Services:

Enter the services that your business process. Here’s how: Go to Setup > Services > “Add Service”.


4. Add Your Clients:

Enter your client details. Here’s How: Go to People > Create and enter their information. Hint: You can also create new clients profiles directly from the diary (see below). If you prefer we can import your clients for free. Just send us your client details in an Excel / CSV file and we will take care of the rest.


5. Add Your Appointments:

Enter your future client appointments. Here’s how: Click on the appointment time in the diary, use the Client Search to start entering your client's name and select them from the drop-down box. Hint: If you are making an appointment for a new client just click “Add a New Client” and enter their details.



You have setup Power Diary and are ready to go. Our Support is always free. If you have any questions, or would like to be shown through some of Power Diary’s more advanced features please let us know via support@powerdiary.com or from our contacts here.