Printing or Emailing Future Appointments to Clients

Setup a Template:

  1. Go to Tools >> Communication >> Templates and click "New Template"
  2. Ensure "Select Message Type" is set to "Email" or "Letter"
  3. Complete the template and in the "Content" section add in your desired message. Under Merge Fields you'll see an option called "ListAllFutureAppointments".  Your finished message might look something like this:
  4. Press "Save"

You only need to setup the template (above) once.


Sending the Future Appointments list to Your Clients:

  1. In the Client's Profile scroll down to the "Communicate" section
  2. Next to "Send Email or SMS Message" select the template you created above.
  3. To email it directly to the client click "Send".  To print it select "Word" or "PDF" and you'll be able to print it.


That's it, you're done!