Disabling Pop-Up Blockers:

When you click 'Print Invoice' the invoice is displayed in a preview window in the browser. If you click 'Print Invoice' and nothing appears, this is often because a pop-up blocker is preventing the preview window from appearing. To check your pop up blocker, check your Internet Options (which can generally be found under 'Security' or 'Content') for a tick box with "Allow pop up blocker" or equivalent.


Updating your Browser:

It is important to check for browser updates regularly, or to set your browser to automatically update. If you are having issues with printing check whether your browser needs to be updated. It may also be worthwhile using a different browser to test whether whether the issue is isolated to the browser or not. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as your primary browser.


Updating Adobe Reader:

 We generate the invoices as a PDF and then send the PDF to the browser to display. If the invoice is not displaying this may be because your Adobe Reader is not up to date. You can check for updates by launching Adobe Reader and then going to Help> Check for Updates.