Power Diary does not integrate with HealthEngine: Reports of HealthEngine Sharing Data with a Law Firm

Reports of HealthEngine sharing Patient Data with a Law Firm

It has recently been reported that HealthEngine have provided patient data to law firms as part of a referral partnership.  You can read about this here. 

We'd like to confirm that Power Diary is not associated with HealthEngine in anyway, and we do not integrate with the HealthEngine platform.  

We do not, and never will share data with third parties in the manner described in the report regarding HealthEngine.  Our view is that we manage your sensitive patient information on your behalf. Your patient information always belongs entirely to you and we do not and never will use this to generate revenue in any way.  

If you have any questions about how Power Diary keeps your patient data secure, safe, and protected please contact us via support@powerdiary.com

- Damien