Option to Add Client Alert Notes to All Existing Future Appointments (13th Oct 2016)

This update relates to an existing feature Client Alert Notes. These are added in the client record under 'Admin' and are notes which will show in the appointment notes for any new appointments created for the client, as well as in a notification window when a new appointment is booked.

We made an update last night to the client alert notes that allows you to apply a new alert note to all existing future appointments for the client.

What will happen is when you add an alert note to the client record we now prompt "Would you like to add this note "xxxx" to all existing future appointments?". If you click 'Yes' this client alert note will be added to all existing future appointments. If you hit 'No', we will only add the client alert note to any new appointments booked from that point onwards.

We hope you enjoy this new feature.