October 2012 Newsletter



New Features Live Now.

We have added some new features to Power Diary, and improved a few areas that needed a tweak. These upgrades are now live in your account. We have listed the main changes below.

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We hope you enjoy the changes.

The Power Diary Team


New Menu Layout

You will notice a new main menu layout with a couple of new menu options. This should make it faster to get to where you want to go. The menu options you see are based on the level of access linked to your login (configured by your administrator).  This means your menu may look different to the one below.

View Last and Next Appointments

We've added quick links to the client's last and next appointments.  This makes it easier to see what they have coming up, and also navigate to this appointment if needed.  You can also see service information too.

Quick Access to "Edit Invoice" Page

Double click on an appointment and you will be taken directly to the Edit Invoice page.  This allows you to add additional services, products, change prices and add or change payments.

Make Sales without Appointments

You can now sell products or services to your clients without the need to add an appointment to your diary.  Simply go to Clients >> New Sale, select your client and "Create Invoice".  You can then add products, services and payments to the invoice.  The invoice can also be printed and provided as a payment receipt.

Summary of Invoice and Account Details

The invoice amount, amount owing, and Client Account Balance now display in the appointment panel.

Future Dated Appointments

Future dated appointments that have services attached will no longer show in the client account as due for payment.  An appointment will only be considered due for payment on or after the date and time of the appointment.

Client Accounts Page

The Client Accounts page has had a complete make over.  This page now lists all appointments and the related payment details.  Appointment listings are now also linked to the Edit Invoice page so you can quickly add or edit payments for any appointment.


Updated 'Edit Invoice' Layout and Functions


The Edit Invoice page has been updated. It is now easier to add or edit services, products and payments. The payment history of the invoice is now also more clearly displayed. You can also assign the invoice to a Third Party payer.


Enhanced Third Party Functions


It is now easier to use Third Party Payment features. You can assign all new invoices for a client to be paid by a Third Party, or only specific appointments. You can also quickly record payments and view outstanding Third Party balances by using the new Third Party Accounts summary report.


New 'Activity Report'

A new Activity Report has been added. This provides a summary of the total appointments, sales and payments relating to service providers for a selected date range. This is perfect for reconciling activities with payments collected at the end of the day or week.


Sales and Payment Report Links

We have have added more links to the some report results. After running a report this makes it easier to edit invoices, view appointments in the diary, access the client profile, print or email invoices.


Upload Your Own Logo to Invoices

You can now add or update your logo to your invoices at anytime by going to Setup >> Options >> Settings >> System Preferences.



Improved Invoice Layout and Display


The invoice layout has been tweaked to improve the way information is displayed. We have also hidden some of the invoice fields if they are not needed on a particular invoice so that less blank fields show.


Page Layouts Simplified


We have simplified some of the page layouts for ease of use. You will notice changes on the Client Profile, User Management and Products and Service pages.


We hope you enjoy using these new features and upgrades. If you have any questions, or if we can help with anything please contact us.