November 2012 Newsletter

NEWSLETTER - November 2012

Here are some upgrades we think you'll like.


We have been adding some new features, and tweaking some existing ones.  There is a quick overview below.  The changes are now all live in your account.

Welcome New Zealand Users

Due to a growing number of inquiries from our neighbors we have now launched in New Zealand.  To our New Zealand users we would like to officially welcome you to Power Diary. It is a pleasure to have you aboard.

Help your team work at their best:

The Power Diary Team

Edit your SMS and Email Appointment Reminders Anytime 

Your SMS and email appointment reminders are now based on Communication Templates that you can create and edit at any time.    To view, edit or add a template go to Tools >> Communication and select your email or SMS template to edit.

You can also change the template that is used for your reminders by going to Setup >> Options >> Settings and selecting the template from the drop-down lists.  There is also a handy "Edit" link which will take you straight to the template editor.

"Undo" and "Redo" buttons in the Template Editor

When writing or editing Email or Letter templates you can now undo or redo changes using the arrows in the tool bar.

Automatically Add Client's Preferred Service

A client's "Preferred Service" is now automatically added to any new appointments created for them.  To set a client's preferred service go to to their profile and select it from the "Preferred Service" drop-down box.  If you do not want a service to be automatically assigned to the client's appointments simply leave the Preferred Service box empty.

Group Bookings / Classes now Available in the Client Portal

You now have the option of allowing your clients to use the Client Portal to book Group Appointments / Classes.  Your participant size limits are enforced to avoid over booking.  To activate this go to Setup >> Options >>Client Portal and tick "Enable Group Bookings / Classes".



'Show All' or Only Your Client's 'Default Diary' in the Client Portal

When a client logs in using your Client Portal you now have the option to show all diaries, or only their defaultdiary. (A client's default diary can be set in the client's profile.)  To enable this option go to Setup >> Options >> Client Portal.

Get Notified When a New Appointment is Made or Canceled via the Client Portal

You now have the option of receiving an SMS or email notification when a client makes or cancels an appointment via the Client Portal. First create your notification templates (Tools >> Communication) and the select them in the Portal Setup page (Setup >> Options >> Client Portal).  You can also have notifications sent to other people, such as the manager or receptionist when a new appointment is created.

Access the Client Profile by "Double Clicking" Appointments   

You can now access a Client's Profile by double clicking their appointment in the diary.  Previously a double click would take you to the 'Edit Invoice' page but we realised more people access the Client Profile page so we wanted to make this easier to get to. You can still access the Edit Invoice page by right-clicking the appointment, or from going to Actions >> Invoice >> Edit Invoice.

iPad Tweaks 

We have made a few tweaks to make Power Diary even easier to use from an iPad.  All functions that are accessible by right-clicking an appointment are now also available in the appointment panel.


We hope you enjoy the new features.  If you have any questions or if we can help with anything please contact us.  Don't forget our Support site is available 24 / 7 with lots of great  'how to' articles.