New SMS Messaging Interface Released! (30/05/2018)

We have some exciting news: our new SMS messaging interface is now live! 

(This new feature is being progressively rolled out, with all accounts set to have access enabled by the end of June 2018.)

This is an entirely new feature that we've built in response to your feedback. Many of you wanted an easier way to not only communicate with your clients via SMS but also a clearer way of knowing when your clients reply to your messages, be that an appointment reminder or just a follow-up message. 

With the release of this feature, you'll not only be notified when a client replies to your messages, but you'll also be able to reply to them in a way that feels familiar and easy-to-use. We didn't need to reinvent the wheel here, so we've used a design that's similar to what most of you are likely already using on your smartphones: 

And responding to clients has never been easier: 

The real beauty of this feature lies in the way notifications and messages are received - completely live. This means that you won't need to refresh the page to see if a client has replied to your messages, you'll simply get a notification when they do. 

We're really excited to finally have this feature live and ready to go, and we hope you are too! If you have any feedback or suggestions please feel free to get in touch