Creating a Session Note

With the release of our new Notes system, you can write notes in a way that works for you and your business. Note templates allow you to focus on writing your Note without worrying about formatting or forgetting information that you need to record.

Note: you should create a note template(s) prior to creating a note. You can learn how to set up the note templates here.

Creating a Note

To create a note for a client using the new notes feature go to a client's record and click Records > Notes (New Version!)

1. To create a note simply click + New Note.  The new note will appear to the right.  You will also be able to scroll through existing notes to the left so that you can quickly reference these as you need.

2.  Simply select a template to begin writing your note. (If you want create a Note Template you can learn how to do this here).  

3. Begin filling out your note as required. Once complete simply click either: Save as Draft (if you plan on editing/coming back to the note to make changes) or Save as Locked (to finalise the note, once locked it cannot be edited).


1. How can I see who authored a note?

The username of the author is displayed toward the bottom right of the session note, as shown here:

2. Can I unlock a locked note? 

No. Once a note has been locked it can no longer be unlocked, edited or deleted and will become a part of that client's permanent record. If you plan on revisiting a note or making changes to it at a later date please save as draft. (This is to ensure compliance with relevant Health Records laws and regulations.)

3. How do I manage my note templates? 

Note templates are managed via Setup > Note Templates. You can learn about managing and creating note templates in this article. 

4. How do I print all notes for a client at once (ie. for a subpoena)? 

You can simply go to the client's record, navigate to Records > New Notes and click Print Notes. Alternatively, if you would like the entire client record for the client in a machine-readable format you can go to Tools > Data Export and use the single client export function.


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