New Options When Adding or Editing Insurers (30th Nov 2017)

We have released a minor tweak to the dialogue box that is opened when editing or adding an insurer on a client's record. This update has expanded the existing functionality of this feature by adding an additional option for you to use:

The new options will work as you might expect:

  • Yes, Update Future Invoices will add the new (or edited) insurer to all future invoices.
  • Yes, Update Past and Future Invoices will add the insurer to all invoices, regardless of date.
  • The No option will simply close the dialogue box, leaving the invoices unaffected.
We're hoping that this small quality of life update should make it a little easier when processing clients who are changing from one insurer to another. An example of this kind of scenario would be a client who is swapping from Medicare to a private health fund. Using the 'update future invoices' option will now allow you to make this change quickly and easily while retaining historical records. 
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