New Options for Emailing Invoices (22nd Nov 2016)

Following much user demand we have released our update to enable users to select templates to be used when emailing invoices and statements.

You can now select a template to be used by default when emailing invoices however we also allow you to change the template prior to sending.

To create the template go to Tools> Communication> Add New Template. You can read further on how to create email templates here.

We have also introduced a merge field to reference the document name (ie the invoice or statement number) which can be used in the subject line and in the content of the email.


To select a template as the default template:

1. Go to Setup> General

2. Under 'Invoice and Statement Layout' use the Email Tempalte filter to select the template

3. Click 'Save Settings'


This template will be the default template used when sending an invoice or statement.


We hope you enjoy this new feature.

- Claire