Moving from Coreplus to Power Diary

We can import your Coreplus data for you! Simply export your data from Coreplus and then in your Power Diary account go to Setup > Data Import. 

We can import the following Coreplus data:

  • Appointments
  • Clients
  • Client Contacts
  • Referrers
  • Referrals
  • Products and Services

Steps to export your data from Coreplus

Screenshots courtesy of the Coreplus help desk :)

1. Navigate to 'Settings'.


2. Click on 'Data Backup'.


3. Select 'Run New Backup'. 


4. Select the data you would like to export and 'Save Backup'.


5. You can retrieve your data backup by going to Setup > Settings > Data Backup. 

Once you are ready to upload your data to into Power Diary, you can do so by going to Setup > Data Import and uploading the zip files retrieved from Coreplus. The import team will be in contact to confirm once the data has been imported.



Please Note: Whilst we cannot import unstructred data such as the html session notes, or the various formats of client documents and attachments, you are able to upload these into the clients files area in bulk. Read how to do this here