Medicare Online Claiming - Submitting a Bulk Bill

Before sending a Bulk Bill claim please ensure that you have read through our Support article on generating Medicare receipts. This will ensure that the invoice has all of the required information linked before the claim is sent.


Submitting a Medicare Bulk Bill is a very simple process.

  1. From the edit invoice view, click on the "Medicare" link.
  2. Click on "Create Bulk Bill"
  3. Review the claim data and if it's all correct, then click "Send".  This will send it to Medicare to view. All Bulk Bills will have the status 'Referred'.
  4. Click on "Medicare Benefit Statement" and give this to the patient.


Storing Bulk Bills

If you do not want to send a Bulk Bill straight away and would like to save and store it you are able to do this. This allows you to send Bulk Bills in batches at a later stage. To store a Bulk Bill:

  1. Click on the "Medicare" link in the editing invoice page.
  2. Click "Create Bulk Bill"
  3. Review data and then click "Save and Send Later".

 Any Bulk Bills which have been saved and stored will have the status "Prepared", which simply means that the claim has been prepared and is ready to be sent.


Sending a Batch of Bulk Bills

You are able to send a batch of prepared Bulk Bills easily in the system. When you are creating a claim it will have 'Approved for Submission' ticked by default. This means that the claim will be included in the batch. If you do not want the claim to be included in a batch send ensure that 'Approved for Submission' is unticked before clicking 'Save and Send Later'.

To send a batch of Bulk Bills:

  1. Go to the Medicare Dashboard (Tools> Medicare).
  2. Select the 'Prepared' Status and change the search type to be based on 'Bulk Bill'.
  3. Enter the Start and End Date
  4. Click 'Apply'. This has then produced a list of all bulk bill claims that have been prepared within the date range.
  5. To send all of the claims click 'Submit All Approved'.



Checking the Payment Status of Bulk Bills

As Medicare does not respond with a claim status for Bulk Bills when the claim is sent, this information is then provided in the Payment and the Processing Report 24 hours after the claim has been sent.

You are able to run a payment status report for a batch of Bulk Bill claims by following these steps:

  1. Go to Tools >> Medicare
  2. Enter the criteria to filter for the claims which you would like to run the payment report for (such as start and end date)
  3. Click 'Apply'
  4. Click 'Request Bulk Bill Payment Status Report'


To run a payment or processing report for an individual claim:

  1. Go into the editing claim page (Tools >> Medicare >> Use the filters to find the claim and click on the Claim ID)
  2. On this page click 'Processing Report' or 'Payment Report'
  3. Click 'Request Report'.



1. Why is there no Medicare link on the editing invoice page?

If you do not see a Medicare link on the editing invoice page you will need to ensure that the invoice has Medicare listed as the insurer. In the client record under 'Billing' you can add Medicare as the insurer, this can then be linked to an existing invoice by editing the invoice and using the Insurance drop down box to select Medicare.

2. The Payment and Processing Report are not generating

The Payment and Processing reports will only be generated once Medicare have reviewed the Bulk Bill and have decided whether the claim will be paid or not. If you are receiving the following message: 'The Report is not available yet or is no longer available for retrieval (Code '2023')', this may be because the claim was submitted less than 24 hours ago, or that the provider number is not registered with Medicare. If this is the case you will need to contact Medicare on 13 21 50 to confirm that your bank details are registered for the Location ID for your account.