May 2012: Newsletter


The latest exciting news from Power Diary.


Power Diary Update

We are pleased to announce that Power Diary has been upgraded.  You will notice improvement to some existing functions and also some completely new ones for you to enjoy. 

Two New Milestones Reached
We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been spreading the word about Power Diary.  We recently crossed two new milestones. Power Diary now has over 1500 users and has now processed over 1.5 million appointments! This support and growth allows us to continually invest in new technology and upgrades to make Power Diary even better for you.

Nine Great New Updates:

1. New Screen Layouts

We've updated the layouts of several screens to make them clearer and easier to use.  The main ones you might notice are Client Details, Client Search (Clients >> Search) and Client Communication (Tools >> Communication).  Some of the other screens that you might use a little less often have been improved too.

2. Custom "Client Status" and "Marketing Source"

In the Client Details screen there are options to set the "Client Status" as well as select "How Client Heard About Us".  You can now customise the options that appear in these dropdown lists to better match your business.  To do this go to Setup >> Options >> Lists and select the dropdown list you would like to edit.

3. Appointment Alerts and Restrictions

There are three new options available in the Client Details screen under the "Admin" section: (1) You can add "Client Alert Notes".  These will display as an alert anytime a new appointment is made for that client; (2) You can now prevent new appointments being created for a particular client.  Simply change the "New Appointment" setting to "New Appointments Blocked" and Power Diary will display a warning and block new appointments from being created for that client; (3) You can now select "Display Appointment Warning Icon on Diary" and all new appointments for that client will have a red background and display a warning icon in the appointment.  You can use this to flag clients with a history of aggression, non payment or special needs.

4. Improved Email / Letter Template Editor

We've added a new editor so that it is now easier to setup your communication templates. Once setup your communication templates can be used to generate letters, send individual emails to clients or send an email campaign to your entire client database. We have also added some great new merge fields including "All Future Appointments" so you can develop some really nifty emails.  To setup a template go to Tools >> Communication >> Add New Template and next to "Select Message Type" choose "Email or Letter". (Important Note: If you have an existing template that uses merge fields you will need to remove the old merge fields and replace them with the new ones.)

5. Automatic Letter Writing

Once you have setup a template (see above) you can use it to generate a customised Word document ready for editing and printing. For instance you could create a "Referral Thank You Letter" template that includes merge fields for the Referral Name, Referral Address, Client Name or other details. Then in the Client Details page go to "Communicate", select your template and click on "Word".  Power Diary will use your template to generate a Word document with all the merge field information filled in.  Simply edit the document (if needed) and print it.   

6. Send Emails Directly to Clients

You can send your Email or Letter templates directly to a client as an email.  This is a great way to send Introductory or Engagement Letters to new clients. To send this template to a client go to the Client Details page, and under Communicate select your template and click "Send".  This will immediately send the email to your client.

7. Send SMS Messages Directly to a Client

You can also use a template to send an SMS to a client at anytime. First setup your template by going to Tools >> Communication >> Insert New (ensure SMS is selected as the message type) and enter your desired SMS content.  To send this template go to the Client Details page, and under Communicate select your template and click "Send".  This will immediately send the SMS template to your client.  This is a great way to follow up on overdue accounts or send other important messages. 

8. Quicker Access to Key Information

The referrer details now display when you hover over an appointment.  This makes it easier to access these details when needed.

9. Set Your Time Zone

You can now set your time zone in Power Diary. This ensures that your local time is recorded when you create Session Notes, or send SMS or email reminders. To set your time zone go to Setup >> Options >> Settings >> System Preferences

A few more little things:

We have also made a few smaller changes recently that you might have noticed.  When you make a new appointment you now have the option of entering the client's home phone number.  This also displays when you hover over an appointment for easier access.  We have also added a checking process to ensure that the client mobile numbers are entered correctly. If the number is the wrong length, or does not start with a correct Australian mobile sequence i.e. 04, a warning is displayed.  If a client does not have a mobile number then enter "none" (without the quotation symbols).


Coming Soon:

There are some exciting new features coming to Power Diary soon.  These include a mobile version of Power Diary designed specifically for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, new Reports functions to give you an even better ability to see what is happening in your business, and a new enhanced "Session Notes" module.  Stay tuned, we'll keep you posted.

Like something explained?

We are always here to help.  If you would like a feature explained in more detail, or would like to activate SMS or email services please let us know.  You can reach us on 1300 755 184 or via