1. Click on the time in the diary that you would like to book.  (HINT: You can click and drag a time period in the diary to book a longer appointment, e.g. 90mins.)

2. A "New Appointment" panel will appear on the right of the screen and the selection will default to "Client appointment".

Appointment types are:

Client Appointment (Default): Sets a standard appointment for a new or existing client.

Personal Appointment: This blocks out time in the diary for personal use and is not related to a client, e.g. Lunch, Meeting etc.

Group AppointmentThis appointment type allow you to add multiple clients.


3. Start typing the clients name in the Client Name field.  A dropdown list of existing clients will appear.  If the appointment is for an existing client select the name from the dropdown list.

If the appointment is for a new client click 'Add a new client' and enter the client's name and mobile number. (If no mobile number is available enter "none").  You can optionally also enter the client's Home Phone and Email address.

If you have recently been into a clients appointment or details page the client will appear under 'Select a recent client..' to allow you to quickly select them to create a new appointment.

4. Add any comments to "Appointment Notes" if applicable e.g. "May be 5mins late."

5. Under "Appointment Details" you can select the service type that you will be providing and change the service location. (This is optional.  You can skip this step.)

6. Click "Save" and your appointment will be created and will be visible in the diary.


Editing an Appointment

1. Click on the appointment you wish to edit.

2. The appointment panel will appear on the right side of the screen.  Edit the appointment details as required.

3. Click "Save".


Moving an Appointment

There are two ways to move existing appointments: (1) Clicking and dragging; or (2) Editing the date or start and finishing time. (HINT: If a client wishes to cancel appointment and remake a new one it is best to "Cancel" the existing appointment in the diary, and then create a new one at the desired time.  This ensure you have a complete record of the client's history.)

Method 1: Clicking and Dragging

1. Hover your mouse over the coloured bar on the left side of the appointment you wish to move. (A four direction arrow will appear.)

2. Click, drag and drop the appointment to the desired time, date or diary.  The appointment can be dragged to any diary space visible on the page.

The appointment will automatically be saved in the new location.

Method 2: Editing the Date or Starting and Finishing Time

1. Click the appointment you wish to move.

2. The appointment panel will appear on the right side of the screen.  Change the Date and Time as required.

3. Click "Save"


Deleting an Appointment

There are three methods of deleting an appointment: (1) Right-Clicking the appointment; (2) From the Appointment Panel; or (3) From the Client Details page (Used for deleting multiple appointments quickly.)


Method 1: Right-Clicking the Appointment

1. Hover over the appointment you wish to delete and "Right Click".

2. Select "Delete Appointment" and click "OK" to confirm.


Method 2: From the Appointment Panel

1. Click on the appointment you wish to delete.

2. The appointment panel will appear on the right-side of the screen.

3. Select "Delete" and click "OK" to confirm.


Method 3: From the Client Details Page (Easiest method for deleting multiple appointments.)

1. Enter the Client Details page (How? Quickest method is to double click on the clients appointment)

2. At the bottom of the Client Details Page a list of all past and future appointments will be displayed.  Click Actions> Delete Appointment for any appointments you wish to remove.

3. Click "OK" to confirm.