Locking Session Notes (21st July 2017)

After July 21, Session Notes will not be able to be unlocked once they have been locked. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. We understand that this may cause concern and we wanted to explain the reasoning for this here.

Medico-Legal guidelines for clinical notes were historically based on paper notes, and the guidelines adapted from this for electronic record keeping. The ability to edit a finalised note does not exist with paper notes.

Accordingly, we formed the view that the ability to unlock a previously locked note could possibly circumvent the established clinical note guidelines of some professions, so this formed the basis of our decision to remove this feature.

You can still edit/update/review notes that are in a 'draft' status provided your account administrator has provided you access to this feature. However, once a note is locked it can't be edited or modified by anyone. 

Reccomended Procedure

The exact procedure is up to each practice to determine, however we recommend the following:

When creating a note, you should save your progress using the "Save as Draft" button.

Once the session note is finalised, you should lock it, so that it becomes part of the permantent record of the client. Once locked, it can not be unlocked, or edited in any way. If you wish to ammend or update it, please make a new note.

The date when a session note is locked is recorded in the history of the note.