Letters Not Generating in Word (Mac Users)

If you are experiencing issues with generating your letters in Word and find that they are opening in a different program (ie Pages, Text Editor) this is something that can be resolved in a few simple steps. 

The letter will export in rtf (rich text format) by default when you click 'Word'. RTF is a universal format that is recognised across most Word Processing Systems (ie Word, Pages). If you are using a Mac and click 'Word' your computer should recognise to open this rtf file in Word however if the file is not being opened in this program this is just a matter of changing the file association.

This article here has some steps on how you can change the file association on your computer. If you follow these steps using one of the downloaded rtf files from Power Diary and setting it to open with Word, this will ensure that when you then generate letters that are rtf format that they will be opened in Word by default.


We hope this helps! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.