Jan 2012: Newsletter

The latest exciting news from Power Diary.


Power Diary 2012: Faster, Smarter & Easier

We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! We have some exciting innovations we will be releasing in 2012 that we think you will love!  Right now they are top secret but in a few weeks you will have the opportunity to have a sneak peek and tell us what you think.

Before we say our final farewell to 2011 we wanted to update you on the changes we made in the last part of the year.

Recent Updates from 2011

Better SMS marketing

We've completely rebuilt the system to allow you to create better target lists for your marketing campaigns.  Some of our clients are reporting amazing results using this system.  Promoting special offers, workshops, or re-engaging old clients has never been easier.  To send a campaign go to Marketing >> Insert new campaign.

Send SMS reminders anytime

You can now send your clients appointment reminders anytime. Simply right-click the appointment and select "SMS reminder" and your message will be sent immediately.  Your normal appointment reminders will still be sent automatically each day.

Improved Service-pack tracking

By going to Setup >> Services you can setup and sell service "packs" that contain multiple appointments, for example: "10 PT Sessions for $750".   We've recently rebuilt the tracking system so that Power Diary now displays the number of sessions provided from the pack, and also warns you when the sessions are about to run out.  

Enhanced sales reports

The "Sales and Payments" report has had a makeover.  You can now view and print invoices directly from the report, or drill-down into a transaction to see more detail, or make a modification. This report is great for end-of-month reporting, invoicing, and BAS preparation. To see this in action go to Reports >> Sales reports >> Sales and Payments.

Sell multiple units

Power Diary now allows you to sell and invoice for multiple units of your service or product in one transaction. Need to invoice for 3.5 hours of report writing?  No problem, select your "Report Writing - 60 minutes" Service, select "Add and remove" in the appointment panel, and update the "Quantity" to 3.5. Power Diary will calculate the invoice amount and publish this to your invoice.

New email features

If you have email features activated (only an extra $4.60 ex GST per week) you can now send email appointment reminders, send email marketing campaigns or email invoices and receipts directly to your clients.  The email system has also been upgraded so that all emails sent from Power Diary are routed via your mail server meaning better delivery rates and total control over your image and branding. 

Better layout and operation

We have been updating the look and feel of Power Diary to allow for better functionality and a cleaner display.  We have also made some changes to the way system operates behind the scenes to minimise disruption caused by those pesky pop-up blockers.

Like something explained?

We are always here to help.  If you would like a feature explained in more detail, or would like to activate SMS or email services please let us know.  You can reach us on 1300 755 184 or via support@powerdiary.com.au 
Thank you for your support throughout 2011. We would also like to extend a special thank you for all the word-of-mouth referrals we have received during the past year.  Power Diary is growing faster than we could have imagined and the vast majority of our new users were referred to Power Diary from an existing user.  Thank you, we really appreciate the support.

Damien, Customer Service Manager