Introducing Some New Third Party Features

We are excited to announce that we have released some new Third Party features to make managing your Third Parties even simpler.


Accessing and Editing Third Parties

It is now easier to access, edit or add Third Parties.  Here's how:

  1. Go to Clients > Third Parties
  2. Click 'View' to open a Third Party, or click "New Third Party" to add a new Third Party to your account.


Creating Statements for Third Parties

You can now create statements for Third Parties just like you can for Clients.  Here's how to generate a Third Party Statement:

  1. Go to Clients > Third Parties
  2. Click 'View' for the Third Party you'd like to create a Statement for.
  3. Click "Statements" button (top right of screen) and then "New Statement"

That's it!  Any invoices that have been allocated to the selected Third Party can be added to a statement.


Sending Bulk Email or SMS Campaigns to Third Parties

You can now send Bulk Email and SMS Campaigns to your Third Parties as they now can be selected from your communication Recipient List.  Here's how:

  1. Go to Tools > Communication
  2. Next to the Campaign template click "Select Recipients"
  3. Under "Show all Clients that Match these Criteria" there is a filter option called "Other Business Contacts", select "Third Party"
  4. Click the "Get Clients" button to generate a list of all your Third Party contacts.  (You can click on any to remove them if you don't want them in your recipient list.)

Increased flexibility when Emailing Invoices or Statements

When you email an Invoice or Statement you'll now have the option to edit the content of the email, as well as choose to send it to any of the client's contacts or Third Parties.

Billing Invoices to Contacts

You are also now able to bill an invoice to the clients contact. For information on how to create a contact for a client see our article here.

You can now bill an individual invoice to the contact by editing the invoice and updating 'Who Will Pay This Invoice?' to the contact.

If you are going to be billing all of the clients invoices to the contact just go to the clients details page and under 'Billing' update the 'Bill To' to be the contact. All invoices by default will then be billed to the selected contact.


We hope you enjoy these new features.  As always we'd love to hear your feedback or questions.

- Damien