Introducing More Flexible Diary Views (From 22/09/2015)

We've just completed an upgrade to give you more flexibility in how you view your Diaries. You'll see the navigation area at the top of the diary has changed a little too.


Here are the changes in a nutshell:

1. We have added a 'Monday to Friday' View

When you select 'M-F', the calendar will show you Monday through to Friday.  (Removing Sat and Sun frees up more screen space.)

This addition means you can now display a diary in 'Day', 'M-F' or 'Week' view.

2. We have added more "All" options

Previously if you selected 'All' you could only view all diaries together one day at a time.  Now if you select 'All' you'll be able to see all diaries, even if you are on M-F or Week view.  This makes it easier to get an overview of your business' bookings and availability.

Quick Tip

Use the recently released 'Diary Groups' feature to display only the Diaries you are most interested in at the time i.e. Just display your 'Child Psychologists'.  With the new views mentioned above this means you can now quickly display all your Child Psychologists diaries for a week, all on the one page.  This makes it really easy to find available appointment times with just Child Psychologists, without being distracted by the other diaries.


We hope you enjoy using these new features. If you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you: or call us.