Introducing a More Flexible Roster System (16/10/2015)

We have updated the Roster system enabling much more flexibility with how you manage your availability.  Here are the highlights:


(1) Start and End Dates for Rosters

You can now setup Roster start and end dates. Let's say your availability will be changing in the New Year, you can now set your existing roster to end on Dec 31, and then setup a new roster to start from Jan 1.


(2) Recurring Rosters (Coming Soon)

Rosters will soon be able to be recurred weekly or two-weekly. If your roster is the same every week then the default 'Weekly' setting will ensure your availability is the same each week. If however your roster alternates you will soon be able to set your roster to automatically reflect this by selecting your roster to recur only on the 'odd' or 'even' weeks from the start date.


(2) Control what Availability is Displayed in the Client Online Bookings System

Previously a Diary could only be either visible or hidden in the Client Online Booking System. If it was visible then all Availability blocks would be displayed. You can now set the visibility of each block individually so that you can hide some (or all) from the Client Onling Booking System.


(3) Better 'Roster Override'

It is now easier to view, add and edit exceptions to your normal roster. Just click on "Add New Roster Override" and you are good to go.

By default we also now hide old overrides because we figure no one is really interested in the fact they had two weeks off over Christmas in 2012.

(Also we used to called these Roster features "Custom Roster Availability" but we decided that term wasn't very user friendly so we now call it "Roster Override)


(4) Easier Interface for use on Touch Screens

You'll notice the Roster interface looks different. Instead of clicking and draging to select availability timeslots you can now select specific start and finish times. This reduced the risk of errors, and works much better when using touch screen devices.


(5) Client Online Bookings - Availability Based on Location (Coming soon)

You'll notice that your Roster now has a Location setting. This is in preparation for a major upgrade that we are working on to the Client Online Booking System. The new system will show your location specific availability making it much easier when you work at different locations. (We are still a few months off releasing this, but if you setup your Location specific availability now you'll be good to go when the new Client Online Booking System is released.)


We hope you enjoy these changes. If you have questions or feedback we'd love to hear from you.

- The Power Diary Team