Initial Setup

There are three initial setup steps as follows:  (You'll only have to do these once.)

(1) Setting up Locations

(2) Adding Insurers

(3) Adding Provider Numbers for Specific Diaries

(1) Set up Locations

 (Only applicable if you have more than one location.)

  1. Go to Setup >> Configuration >>  Locations
  2. Click "Add New Location" and enter the location name and address.
  3. Click "Save".


(2) Adding Insurers

  1. Go to Setup >> Custom Lists
  2. Select 'Insurers
  3. Click "Add New Insurer".
  4. Enter the Insurer Name and Type.
  5. Tick "Show on Invoice" if you would like the insurer to be visible on invoices when emailed or printed.
  6. Enter the text you would like written on the invoice to accompany the provider number (i.e Medicare Provider Number: ). The actual provider number will be configured in a later step.
  7. Click "Save".

(3) Adding Providers Number for Specific Diaries

  1. Go to Setup >> Diaries.
  2. Select the diary
  3. Access the 'Insurers' section.
  4. Click "Add Diary Insurers".
  5. Select the Insurer (as set up in Step 2) or click "Add" to create a new Insurer.
  6. Enter the provider number and select whether this is for a specific location or for "All" locations.
  7. Tick "Default for new clients" If you would like this insurer to automatically be assigned to new clients.
  8. Click "Save".

Selecting the Insurer for the client

You can view, add or edit the client's selected insurer by going into the Client Record as follows: 

  1. Access the Client Details page
  2. Under the Billing section if a default Insurer has been selected for the client's default diary then this Insurer will be listed in the table. If there is no insurer listed or if you would like to add another insurer click "Add New Insurer". This will allow you to select an insurer that has been set up for the client's diary.
  3. Enter the policy name if needed and click "Default' if you would like it to be the client's default insurer.

The default Insurer for the client will be the default insurer that appears on the client invoices.

To add or remove an insurer from a clients invoice:

  1. For an existing invoice go to the editing invoice page (Right Click on appointment and select "Edit Invoice" or click on appointment and follow the 'Edit' link next to 'Invoice Total').
  2. In the 'Invoice To' section, it will have the Insurers for the invoice listed.
  3. To Add an insurer to the invoice click "Add Another Insurer" and then select the insurer from the drop down box.
  4. To remove an existing insurer from the invoice click the 'X' symbol next to the listed insurer.