Improvements to Notes, updates and bug fixes (23rd October 2017)

Hi all,

First off, thanks for all the feedback regarding the major update released last week.  It is great to have such an engaged and passionate user group!  Our team are working hard to implement updates and tweaks to the new system based on your feedback, as well as address any bugs identified. 

Here is a quick summary of what has been released over the weekend:

Session Notes

Wider Session Note Area:

We received a lot of feedback that the initial update resulted in the Session Notes viewing area being too small, and required excessive scrolling to read past notes.  We have updated this so that the "Session Note" column is now wider.  The "Activity Focus' and "Note Status" columns have been moved and the details of these have been placed under the "Date" column.

Handy hint: If you are using a smaller screen and want even more space there is an option to collapse the main menu freeing up more horizontal space.


Create New Note on the same page:

We received feedback from many users that it was important to be able to reference past Notes when writing a New Note.  We have released an update to enable this.  The New Note now appears on top of the table of previous Notes instead of on a separate page. This means it is easy to scroll down to view previous Notes.  (Some users had expressed a preference to be able to add the note directly into the Notes table as was the case prior to the update.  We have not implemented this as we have some new Note features in the pipeline i.e. ability to create and use custom Note Templates and these type of functions could not be implemented within the table.) 


Adding Medicare Details for Contacts:

If a Client has a Medicare number recorded and you add a new Contact, the Contact will now automatically include a Medicare number field. 


Future Appointments Toggle

If a client has had many appointments it can be helpful to view just their future appointments.  This can now be done using the 'Show Only Future Appointments Toggle'.


Bug Fixes Released:

Date format: Dates were showing with extra timezone information in some places.  We have removed this extra content in most areas, although there are still a few we are getting to.

New Contact: Errors were being created when a new Contact was being added in some circumstances i.e. when the email or phone number was the same as the client's.  This has been resolved.

Double Clicking 'Actions' button: If the Actions icon in a table was double-clicked an error page was displayed.  This has been resolved.

Warning if Notes Unsaved:  If a Note had not being saved and 'Cancel' was clicked, or if a user navigated away from the page, the prompt to Save the notes was not always being displayed.  This has been resolved.

Adding new referral to existing Invoices: If you add a new Referral and there are existing invoices that are dated after the new referral the system was not prompting and Saving the new referral details correctly.  This has been resolved.  The make referral 'Default' toggle has also been fixed.

Medicare Validation access: The system was incorrectly restricting some users from using the 'Validate Medicare Data' button.


There are a few other formatting issues and bugs remaining that we are continuing to work on.  We have also received a higher number of tickets than usual which has reduced our turnaround time.  We apologise if we have not yet replied to your email, but please be assured our team review each as they come through for any urgent issues, and we will reply to all contact.  Thanks for your patience.

We understand that adapting to a new layout can take some time to get used, and previously familiar process initially require extra concentration and effort, however, we are confident that this change will be well-worth it.  We are excited by the increased flexibility that the new design provides, making it easier to add new features and tools, for example, the new SMS, Email and Letter writing tools in Client Correspondence.  We will also soon be releasing an integration with a brand new system called HICAPS GO which will enable HICAPS claiming directly from Power Diary!  (More on this to come.)

Thanks again for all your support and input!

- Damien, on behalf of the Power Diary Team.