Generating Financial Reports

You can generate a range of reports relating to your sales.  To access Sales Reports go to Reports >> Financial. Click on the report you wish to generate, select the date range you are interested in and the run the report.


The following sales related reports are available:

  • Activity Summary - Gross sales for all appointments that have services assigned to them. Appointments are displayed if their start date is within the specified date range. Therefore, you can also use this report to predict future sales. The total outstanding payments figure, displays the value for all appointments that haven't been received.
  • Invoices & Payments  - Displays all service and product sales & payments based on appointment or payment date. Can be used for GST Sales for BAS.
  • Sales - Breakdown of how many products and services were sold over a date range for each employee.
  • Accounts Receivables - Shows all outstanding invoices for clients as of a particular date.
  • Aged Accounts Receivables - Shows any Client who's account is in arrears. Use this to check Clients who need credit top-ups, or to settle accounts.