Generating Medicare Invoices / Receipts

Power Diary can automatically include all the required information on invoices to ensure they comply with Medicare requirements. Information that can be automatically added includes your Provider Number, the referrer's details and Provider Number, the referral date, and the Medicare Item Number of the service you provided.


Here's how you do it:


1. Adding your Medicare Provider Number

To automatically include your Medicare Provider Number on all your invoices you produce go to Setup >> Diaries, and then add your provider number details under the Insurers section (more details on adding your provider number can be found here)

2. Adding your Medicare Related Services

Setup the services you provide ensuring you include a description of any Medicare Service / Item Number details. To do this go to Setup >> Services and select "Add Service". In the Title or Description sections include the Medicare description e.g. "Standard Consultation 50min+" and in the Code section add the Medicare Provider Number "80110" You only have to setup your services once and then they appear in a drop-down list for you to select for any client you see.

3. Adding Your Referral Sources

Add your referral sources e.g. GPs who refer to you. To do this go to Clients >> Referrers and click on "Add New Referrer". Add the referrer's details, including their Medicare Provider Number and Referrer Type. Click "Save Profile". You only have to add referrers once. Once added they will appear in a Referrers drop-down list in the system so that you can easily link them to any clients they refer.

4. Adding the Referral Information to a Client's Profile

Go into the clients record and into the 'Referrals' tab. Click 'Receive New Referral' and then search for the referrers name. You can then add the Start and End date of the referral, or select a duration and add any Notes for the referral. Ensure that 'Show Referral on Invoice Print' is ticked so that the referral details appear on the clients invoice. If 'Default referral for new invoices' is ticked this referral will be linked to all new invoices for the client.

More information on adding referrers and referrals can be found here.

5. Processing an Appointment and Generating a Medicare Compliant Invoice / Receipt

Anytime the client has an appointment with you simply click on the appointment in the diary, select the Medicare service you provided, select the payment method they used (if any) and then click Save. To print or preview the invoice click Invoice >> Print Invoice and your invoice will be generated and will include all the required Medicare information. (Shortcut Tip: You can also right-click an appointment and select "Print Invoice")


Click here for information on how to send a Patient Claim or Bulk Bill to Medicare.