Feb 2012: New Version of Power Diary Now Live


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The New Power Diary is Here!


Upgraded Power Diary: Live Now

Thank you for the great feedback regarding the new Power Diary over the past two weeks.  We are pleased to announce that the transition to the upgraded version is now complete.  You do not have to do anything to access the new system.  Just login as you normally would.  To get the most out of the new Power Diary however we recommend the following:

Set your "Business Hours"

There are now two easy options to control what hours are displayed on your diary.Option 1:  If you prefer to have your system to display the full 24 hours with a scroll bar on the page, then go to Setup >> Options >> Settings and ensure "Show scroll bar on diary" is selected.  Option 2: If you would prefer for only your business hours to display then go to Setup >> Options >> Settings and set your desired "Business Hours Start Time" and "Business Hours End Time".  The diary will then only display these times. (You will need deselect Option 1 setting for this to take effect.)

Upgrade your browser

To get the best user experience with Power Diary we recommend upgrading your internet browser to the latest version.

Like something explained?

We are always here to help.  If you would like a feature explained in more detail, or would like to activate SMS or email services please let us know.  You can reach us on 1300 755 184 or via support@powerdiary.com.au