Exporting Your Data

You can export your diary information at anytime. Data is exported into a CSV file which can be opened by Excel or similar programs and is locked with the Master password for your account. The Data Download allows you to backup Clients, Client Notes, Appointments, Referrer List, Invoices, Payments and Products, and any uploaded documents ('Client Files').

Export your diary data:

1. Go to Tools >> Database Export

2. Select the data you wish to back up

3. Click "Download Now"


Export your Uploaded documents:

1. Go to Tools >> Data Download

2. Click on 'Client Files Download'

3. Select the desired date range and click 'Download Now'


Important Note for Apple Users:

By default most Apple computers will download the backup file into a Safari (or similar) download folder. Apple does not allow you to open Zipped (compressed) files directly from the download folder so you'll get an error message if you try this. Instead move the file to your desktop or other location and open it from there.