Diary Groups

You can setup "Diary Groups" so that you can group diaries together, i.e. by profession, which then reduces the diaries displayed on the screen.

Let's say you have an Allied Health Practice and a client calls seeking an appointment with a psychologist. Instead of having all Diaries display you can change to the "Psychologists" group and only view these diaries. This makes it easier to only focus on the diaries you are interested in, and not be distracted by the others. It will also be easier for new reception staff who may not yet know what each clinician does.

There are no limits to the number of Groups you can setup so let your imagination run wild. In the example above I've used groupings by profession, but it could be anything that makes sense for your business. You could setup groups such as "Works After hours", "Treats Children", "Bulk Bills" etc.

This is how to setup and use this feature-

To Setup Diary Groups:

  1. Go to Setup > Diaries > Select "Groups" from the side menu
  2. Select "Add New Group"
  3. Give your Group a name, i.e. "Psychologists", click Save.
  4. Select the Diaries that are part of this Group



To Use Diary Groups:

  1. On the main Diary screen select the Group you want to display
  2. That's it. The Diary will refresh and only display Diaries belonging to your selected Group. You can return to displaying all diaries by selecting "All Diaries"