December 2014: New Referrers, Referrals and Insurrers Update

New Referrers and Insurers System

The Power Diary team have been working hard for the past few months on a couple of requested features and these have just been released. These features are most applicable to healthcare practitioners and other businesses that record referrals. They will also support our soon to be released Medicare Online Claiming feature (Australia only).



You can now track your client’s insurance policies in Power Diary. This will help you keep better records and create neater invoices by streamlining the Insurance Id / Provider Number records. See the help notes here for more detailed information.


Provider Numbers

Insurance Ids (Provider Numbers) are now stored in a dedicated database instead of just being added as text to the Invoice. The big benefit of this is that Power Diary will now put the appropriate provider number on the invoice based on the client's insurance policy. This is location dependent too, so should be a big help if you have multiple locations. For more information about setting this up, please see here.



Clients can now have many referrals, instead of just one and more information about each referral can be stored. Referrals now have their own tab in the Client's Profile to keep all the information in one place. See more detail here


We hope you like these,