December 2012 Features Update


We're about to release some improvements to the Power Diary invoices and wanted to let you know in advance.


Most of the changes are pretty subtle, however there are a few small ones that we wanted to give you a sneak peak at before releasing this update tomorrow (Wednesday 12th December 2012). We have made some changes to the invoice layout and added some additional customisation options. We have tried to make the invoice cleaner and keep logical sections grouped together to make it easier to navigate.

Layout Changes

We have rearranged where some of the invoice content is displayed.  This is to make better use of the invoice space, and ensure that key information stands out.  The main changes to the default layout are:

  • Referrer information (if applicable) now appears on the right, instead of the left. It was making the invoices too long.
  • Invoice number and date is shown on the top right. This is a more typical position and allowed for more room on the left.
  • A light gray vertical line divides the two halves of the invoice.
  • The "Generated By Power Diary" text will always appear in the page footer, making it less obtrusive.  Page number information is shown on the footer too.
  • Totals appear within their respective tables, rather than separately.
Custom text will still appear in similar positions on the screen.  You can see the basic changes in the before and after invoices.

Customisation Options

With the update you will be able to make more changes to the overall look of your invoice as follows:

  • You can use a full width logo - great if you want to use your letter head on your invoices.
  • The logo can be right or left aligned.
  • You can turn off the printing of your business name (great if your business name is already in your logo).
  • You can turn off your business address and contact details (you'd use this if you already had this information in your letterhead).
You can see an example of a new invoice here showing some of these options.  From tomorrow you will be able to make these changes by going to Setup >> Options >> Settings >> Invoice Layout (scroll to bottom of page).

We hope you enjoy the changes.  As always if you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear from you (

All the best,

The Power Diary Team