Customising Your Invoices / Receipts

You can customise the appearance of your invoices/receipts as follows:

Adding Your Logo or Letterhead

You can add your logo/letterhead to your invoice.  To do this go to Setup >> Configuration>> Invoices and click on "Update Image".  Tip: Upload a 940px wide image to have a letterhead that spans across an A4 page.


Increasing Blank Space at the Top of Your Invoices (For printing on your own stationary)

If you plan to print invoices onto your own business stationery you may wish to increase the space at the top of the invoice to ensure that your invoice content is printed below your letterhead.  You can do this by uploading a blank image as your logo/invoice header.  There are blank images from 1cm through to 10cm available for use at the bottom of this article.


Changing your Business Name, Address, ABN or other Details

The business information that appears on your invoices / receipts is based on the information recorded in the Settings page (Setup >> Configuration>> Invoices) and the Locations page (Setup>> Configuration>> Locations).  


Adding Additional Information to Your Invoices / Receipts

You can add additional information to your invoices/receipts that either:

(1) Displays on all invoices/receipts produced from your account;

(2) Displays only on the invoices/receipts produced relating to a particular diary;

(3) Displays only on invoices/receipts relating to a particular location;

(4) Displays only on invoices/receipts relating to a particular client. 

Here is a closer look:


(1) Adding Information that Displays on all Invoices / Receipts from Your Power Diary Account

  1. Go to Setup >> Configuration>> Invoices
  2. In system preferences add desired text to "Custom text for top of Invoice" and "Custom text for invoice footer"

(Tip: The bottom of the receipt/invoice is a good place to add your payment terms and direct deposit banking information.)


(2) Adding Information that Displays Only on Invoices / Receipts Related to a Particular Diary

  1. Go to Setup >> Diaries and select your diary.
  2. Add desired text to "Extra Invoice Text".  You can also select "Show Client's Date of Birth on Invoice" if this is desired.
  3. Click "Save"


(3) Displays Only on Invoices / Receipts Relating to a Particular Location

  1. Go to Setup >> Configuration >> Locations
  2. Identify the desired location and click "Edit"
  3. Enter desired text in "Extra Invoice Text"
  4. Click "Save".


(4) Displays Only on Invoices / Receipts Relating to a Particular Client

  1. Go to the "Client Details" page.
  2. Under "Billing" add desired text to "Extra Invoice Info"
  3. Click "Save"

Tip: This is useful for adding Purchase Order Numbers or other unique reference information.