Creating a Group Appointment

  1. Select the desired time in the diary.
  2. In the Appointment Panel (right side of screen) change the Appointment Type to "Group Appointment"
  3. Enter your Group name and Save.



Setting the Participant Numbers

By default new Group Appointments have an unlimited number of participants.  You can change this by selecting the desired number of participants from the drop-down box.


Adding Participants

To quickly add clients to the Group first find the client using the Search Client box and then click "Add".


Creating a Recurring Group Appointment

1. Right-click the Group Appointment in the diary.

2. Select "Make Recurring" and select your desired frequency.

Handy hint: Any clients that have been added to the Group when you recur it will automatically be added to appointments created.


Invoicing and Recording Payments for Group Appointments

  1. Select any client and go to Actions >> Edit the Appointment, or at the bottom of the Appointment Panel select Group Actions >> More Details or double click on the group appointment.
  2. Use the drop-down boxes displayed to Add Services and Payments and Save.
  3. Click on Actions to Print or Email the invoice.


Sending Appointment Reminders for Group Appointments

Appointment reminders are sent for clients booked into Group Appointments in the same way they are for individual appointments.  You can turn reminders off or on for clients in the Group however by going to the Edit Appointment screen (select any client and go to Actions >> Edit the Appointment) and ticking  / unticking "Send Appointment Reminder Before Appointment" and then 'Save'.


Sending Email / SMS Correspondence to all Clients in a Group

  1. Go to the Edit Appointment screen. (Select any client and go to Actions >> Edit the Appointment)
  2. At the bottom of the screen under "Other Options" select your desired Email / SMS template and click "Send to all Group Members"

(You can add new templates by going to Tools >> Communication).


Accepting Group bookings via your Client Portal

  1. Go to Setup >> Configuration >> Client Portal
  2. Ensure "Enable Group Bookings / Classes" is ticked.
  3. Click on your Group Appointment and ensure that your maximum participant limit is set (if applicable)

That's it.  Client's will now be able to view and book into your Group Appointments on your Client Portal.


Printing a Group Attendance List 

  1.  Click on the Group Appointment
  2.  Click on 'Group Actions' (in the Appointment Details panel)
  3.  Select 'Print Group List'