Creating an SMS Template

You can setup SMS templates that you can then use to send an SMS to a client, send SMS messages in bulk to all or part of your client database, or use it for SMS appointment reminders.

How to Setup an SMS Template

1. Tools > Communication > Templates

2. Click "New Template"

3. Set Message Type as 'SMS'  

4. Add your template name and a description for your reference (This information is not published)

5. Add your message content.  You can insert merge fields from the drop-down list to personalise your message.

6. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page. Your new SMS template will now appear in your Template List.



You can now use this template to send an individual SMS to a client, send SMS messages in bulk to all or part of your client database, or use it as your template for SMS appointment reminders.

HELP!  Why can't I send my template from the Communicate list from the client profile?

Templates that are sent from the client profile can not contain merge fields that relate to specific appointments such as those used to setup reminder messages. This is because the system will not know which appointment is being referred to when trying to send a message from the client profile.  As such any templates that contain appointment reminder type content are not able to be selected from the Communication section of the Client Profile.  This is to prevent people sending them when the information can not be correctly merged. 

If you go through your template and replace any reminder type merge fields with the merge fields in the drop down list under "Previous and Next Appointment Merge Fields (can use in all messages)"  it will work.  This way the system knows that you are referring to the next appointment the client has and will include this detail in the outgoing email or SMS that you are sending.