Creating an Email Template

You can setup up Email templates that can then be sent to individual clients or sent in bulk to some or all of your client database.  

Your email templates can also be used as email appointment reminders that are sent to clients, or for system notifications, i.e as a template for the automatic emails that can be sent to staff members when a client makes a new booking on your Client Portal.

How to Setup an Email / Letter Template

  1. Tools >> Communication >> Templates
  2. Click "New Template"
  3. Set Message Type to "Email"
  4. Add your Template Name and Description for your reference (This information is not published)
  5. Enter your desired Email from Name, Email from Address and Email Subject
  6. Enter your email content (See notes below)
  7. Click "Save". Your new email template will now appear in your Template List.

You can now use this template to send an individual email to a client or send email messages in bulk to all or part of your client database.  

HELP!  Why can't I send my template from the Communicate list in the Client Profile?

Templates that are sent from the client profile can not contain merge fields that relate to specific appointments such as those used to set up reminder messages. This is because the system will not know which appointment is being referred to when trying to send a message from the client profile.  As such any templates that contain appointment reminder type content are not able to be selected from the Communication section of the Client Profile.  This is to prevent people sending them when the information can not be correctly merged. 

If you go through your template and replace any reminder type merge fields with the merge fields in the drop down list under "Previous and Next Appointment Merge Fields (can use in all messages)"  it will work.  This way the system knows that you are referring to the next appointment the client has and will include this detail in the outgoing email or SMS that you are sending.


Adding Email Content


Merge Fields:

Click on the "Merge Fields" drop-down box to personalise your content.  To setup a template for generating letters simply insert required merge fields including client or referrer name, address and other required details.  You can even insert a merge field that includes all future appointments for a client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Merge fields that are listed under the heading "Appointment Merge Fields for Appointment Related Messages (Reminders)" can only be used in templates that will be used for automated appointment reminders.  


Inserting HTML:

You can insert HTML content (e.g. pre-designed HTML newsletters) directly into your template.  To do this simply select "Source" and paste your HTML code.  Click "Source" again to return to normal view.


Adding Images:

You can add images to your template.  This is most often used to add a logo or header image to the top of an email template.  The image files are uploaded to a file on the Power Diary servers and then can be used in any future email or letter templates.


Uploading  and Using New Images

  1. In the tool bar across the top of the template content editor select the Image icon. 
  2. Select "Browse Server" and then "Upload"
  3. Locate image files on your computer
  4. Click "Upload" and the image will now appear in your folder.
  5. Double click the image and then select OK. 

Your image will now appear in your template.



Adding Links or Attaching Documents:

You can add links into your email template.  These can be links to websites, or they can be links to documents you would like to 'attach' to your email.

Adding a Link to a Website

  1. Select the text you would like to change into a link i.e. To visit our website Click Here.
  2. In the bottom left corner of the Tool Bar click on the icon of the chain.
  3. Enter your link and click OK

Attaching a Document to Your Email

When sending an email from Power Diary documents can not be attached in the manner you normally would.  This is to maximise flexibility in the way your email templates can be used. Instead, documents can be uploaded to your Power Diary folder, and the links placed to them within your email text.  Once uploaded you can link to them as many times as you need.  It is really easy to setup, here's how:

  1. Select the text you would like to change into a link i.e. To view a map of our location Click Here.
  2. In the bottom left corner of the Tool Bar click on the icon of the chain.
  3. Select "Browse Server" and then "Upload"
  4. Locate the file on your computer
  5. Click "Upload" and the file will now appear in your folder.
  6. Double click the file and then select OK.

A link to your document has now been added to your template.  If a recipient of your email clicks this link they will be able to download the attached document.