Creating a Letter Template

You can setup up Letter templates that can then be used to automatically generate letters in Word or PDF formats. This is a great way to generate client welcome letters, or referral acknowledgement letters, and progress reports.

How to Setup Letter Template

  1. Tools >> Communication >> Templates
  2. Click "New Template"
  3. Set Message Type as "Letter"
  4. Add your Template Name and Description for your reference (This information is not published)
  5. Enter the letter content (See notes below)
  6. Click "Save". Your new letter template will now appear in your Template List.

You can now use this template to automatically generate letters with personalised content. 

Adding Letter Content 

Merge Fields:

Click on the "Merge Fields" drop-down box to personalise your content. To setup a template for generating letters simply insert required merge fields including client or referrer name, address and other required details. You can even insert a merge field that includes all future appointments for a client.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Merge fields that are listed under the heading "Appointment Merge Fields for Appointment Related Messages (Reminders)" can only be used in templates that will be used for automated appointment reminders. Templates that use these merge fields will not appear in the list of Communication Templates available in the Client Profile.

Inserting HTML:

You can insert HTML content (e.g. pre-designed HTML newsletters) directly into your template. To do this simply select "Source" and paste your HTML code. Click "Source" again to return to normal view.

Adding Images (Including Letter headers):

You can add images to your template. This is most often used to add a logo or header image to the top of an email / letter template. The image files are uploaded to a file on the Power Diary servers and then can be used in any future email or letter templates.

Uploading and Using New Images

1. In the toolbar across the top of the template content editor select the Image icon. 

2. Select "Browse Server" and then "Upload"

3. Locate image files on your computer

4. Click "Upload" and the image will now appear in your folder.

5. Double click the image and then select OK.

Your image will now appear in your template.