Changes to Setup Menu - 7/08/2015

We have made some slight changes to the Setup Menu. The change helps to make the menu items a bit more clearer and will also make it easier to implement some of the upgrades that we will be releasing as part of our new user interface.

Here is a quick run down of the changes:

Some of the menu names have now changed, however we have also made some slight changes to what is inside each section.


General: We have made a change the the Business Settings section in General. This is now called the 'Main Settings'. Previously all of the business information was recorded in this section however this information will now be recorded for each location as well as in the Billing Information section. The Business Name and ABN/ Tax ID number will remain in this section.


Locations: The Locations have been moved out of the Lists section. You can now add each of your locations addresses as well as more specific information including an email address, phone number and fax number for that location. This information will show on any invoices that have the location linked.


Subscription:  Previously "Accounts" this page is now divided by three sections including 'Invoices and Receipts', 'Auto Payments' and 'Billing Info':

Invoices and Receipts: This page lists all of the paid and unpaid Power Diary invoices. You can now filter this page so that it just shows unpaid invoices, or so that it shows all invoices. If there are any unpaid invoices you can now use the listed credit card details to process the payment, this will save you from having to reenter these to process a manual payment.

Auto Payments: This page allows you to edit your listed credit card details that will be used for processing automatic payments

Billing Info: This is a new section for you to record the business information. The email address that you list in this section will be used for any communication from us. The information will not show on any of the invoices in the account.