Automatic Letter Generator

You can automatically generate personalised letters using your Email / Letter Templates.  This is a great way to quickly produce referral acknowledgement letters, progress reports or other commonly used correspondence. Once created you can then edit the document (if needed) and print it.


Here's How to Do It:

1. Create your Letter Template (See article "Creating an Email or Letter Template" in related topics.)

2. Go to "Client Details" screen

3. In the "Communicate" box select your template and click "Word"

4. Select "Click Here to Open Document" (The document is in Rich Text Format so it can be opened in most word processing programs including Word.)


Here is an Example of How it Works:

Your referral acknowledgement template, complete with merge fields might look something like this:





{ReferrerSalutation} {ReferrerName}
{ReferrerRegion} {ReferrerState} {ReferrerPostcode}


Dear {ReferrerFirstName}


Re: {ClientFirstName} {ClientLastName}
D.O.B: {ClientDOB}


Thank you for your referring {ClientFirstName} for treatment. {ClientFirstName} attended today and has agreed 
to engage in treatment to assist with the management of the issues you outlined in you referral. Specifically 
treatment will focus on ....


I will keep you update of treatment progress and will be in contact at the conclusion of the current block of treatment 
sessions.  If you have any questions, or if I can provide any additional assistance at anytime please do not hesitate 
to contact me.


Kind Regards,