April 2013 Newsletter and Features Update


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NEWSLETTER - April 2013
Hi there,

The last few months as seen some exciting upgrades to Power Diary. We've integrated with Google Calendar, which enables you to see your appointments in Google and on the local calendar on your iPhone or Android, plus it gives you a live and instant backup of your schedule.  We've also added a stack of new features we think you'll love and we've tweaked a few things to make life easier.  All the details are below.

Xero Integration Coming Soon:
We'll be releasing our integration with Xero.com soon, which is an awesome online accounting system. This will allow you to export your clients, invoices, payments and service & product details directly to Xero.  If you are thinking of changing accounting software, the start of the financial year is a great time to make the switch.

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We'll now be using our Facebook page to also announce updates to Power Diary.  "Like Us" now to stay connected.

Share the Love:
We send newsletters to the main email address we have listed for your account.  Please forward this email to anyone in your team who uses Power Diary so they can make use of the latest features.

We hope you enjoy the changes.

The Power Diary Team

Sync to Google and Your Phone Cal.

We have integrated with Google so you can now sync your Power Diary appointments automatically to Google Calendar, and to iCal or any other linked calendar on your phone. If you have multiple diaries you can link them all to the one Google account for a complete copy your business's appointments. (How do I set this up?)

User Activity Recording

You can see when a user logged in (including their computer's IP address) and exactly what they viewed or changed. There are a range of filter options so you can view the information you are interested in i.e. which users have accessed a particular client file or made a change to an appointment, including what they did and when.  Almost everything is tracked, including access by your clients when they are booking online.  The system stores the past two months of activity.  Check it out now by going to Tools >> Log File. (Tell me more.)

SMS Replies Now Sent to Your Phone

Replies to SMS Appointment Reminders

If a client replies to an SMS appointment reminder with something other than the standard 'yes' or 'no', their message will now be forwarded to your mobile. This means if they reply with something like "Can I come tomorrow instead?" you will be notified straight away.  The forwarded SMS is charged at the standard rate.  If you want to turn this feature off you can by going to Setup >> Diaries and changing the "Forward SMS replies" setting.

Replies to Bulk or Individual SMS Messages

Your clients can now reply to any bulk or individual SMS messages you send them, and the replies will be sent to your nominated mobile.  To activate this feature go to Tools >> Communication, and scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the mobile number you would like replies sent to.

Automatic and Manual Event Reminders

You now have the option of receiving automatic reminders of Client Birthdays, Recurring Appointments ending, and Session Pack expiries.  You can also manually add individual events for each client.  All reminder events will be listed in your Reminders List (accessed by clicking on the "Reminders" button in the top right of your main diary page.) From the list you can perform actions like send a Happy Birthday SMS or email messages, or you can acknowledge and hide the reminder. (How do I set this up?)

Get New Clients Whilst You Sleep!

We've added a feature that allows you to accept new clients via your Client Portal at any time. You can turn this on by going to Setup >> Options >> Client Portal and tick "New Users can login". For security we validate each new user by automatically sending a unique pin number to their mobile. This must be entered before the account can be created, and each mobile number can only be used once. We have a number of clients using this already and the feedback has been great. (More Client Portal Setup Info)

Add and Edit 'Payment Methods' and 'How Client heard About Us'

You can now add or remove the options that appear in Payment Methods (Instructions) and How Client Heard About Us (Instructions) lists.

Click to Call or SMS

If you view the diary in Day view you will notice that the client's mobile number (and address) is now shown in the appointment.  If you are accessing Power Diary on a mobile you can now click to call the number.  On an iPhone you can also click and hold the number to send an SMS.  (Please note this sends the SMS directly from your mobile phone.)

Integration with Mandrill

Power Diary now uses Mandrill (part of Mailchimp) to send emails to your clients.  By default all your emails are sent via our account, although to your clients they will continue to look like they are sent by you.  You now also have the option of setting up your own Mandrill account (it's free for up 12 000 emails per month) and using this to send your Power Diary emails.  There are a number of benefits of a free Mandrill account.  It will enable you to see a lot more information about the email being sent, including a copy of the message, any invalid addresses, and exactly who is opening the messages and even who is clicking on links within the email. (How do I set this up?)

Smaller Changes We've Also Made:

- If you are adding notes and try to move off the page without saving you will get a warning message pop up.

- We've added some extra space to add "Extra Invoice Text" in the Client Profile.

- You can now edit the Service / Product "Description" that displays on your invoice.  This allows you to provide further information or comments regarding the service provided.


We hope you enjoy using the new features.  If you have any questions or if we can help with anything please contact us.  Don't forget our Support site is available 24 / 7 with lots of great  'how to' articles.