Appointment 'Locations' now automatically set (24th Aug 2016)

We've released an important improvement to how Appointment Locations are set.  Previously each diary had a 'Default Location' set (Setup > Diaries) and all appointments created in the Diary would be set to this location.  If an appointment was at another location then the appointment 'Location' would need to be updated manually and Saved.

Appointment Locations are now automatically set based on your roster.  For example if your roster is setup to reflect you work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at Location A, and Thursday and Friday at Location B, any new appointments created will automatically have Location A or Location B set depending on which day the appointment is on.

These changes will only effect new appointments created on or after 24th August 2016.  The Location of appointments created prior to this date (even if they are in the future) have not changed.

Helpful information and Tips:

  • To view or edit your Roster go to Setup > Roster
  • You can add, edit or remove Locations by going to Setup > Configuration > Locations
  • You can still manually change an appointment Location in the Appointment Panel as required
  • If an appointment is scheduled for a time not covered by a Roster, i.e. a Saturday, the appointment will be set based on your diary's 'Default' Location.  The default Location can be  configured in Setup > Diaries.

We hope you'll enjoy this update.  If you have any questions please let us know.