Power Diary is getting a new Look (Launches from Friday 21st Oct 2016)

Hi there!

I am excited to let you know that starting from tomorrow (Friday 21st Oct 2016) we'll be releasing some major upgrades to the look of Power Diary.

I wanted to share with you below the Why, What, When and How of this next phase of Power Diary’s evolution.

Let’s start with the ‘Why’...

Our vision is to provide you with software that simplifies and automates the running of your appointment-based businesses.  To achieve this we strive to make sure Power Diary is:

  1. Feature rich, but not complicated
  2. Simple, intuitive and flexible
  3. Easy to understand for both novice and experienced users
  4. Constantly evolving to meet changes in business and technology
  5. Great to use across different devices

Power Diary’s history dates back to 2007 which makes us one of the world's most established Online Practice Management Systems.  The past nine years have seen literally thousands of updates, new features and tweaks made to the system.  Most of this has been focused on adding more functions, enhancing security and performance, and implementing suggestions from our wonderful users. Whilst we have tweaked Power Diary’s visual appearance over the years, the overall layout, page design and input forms have remained largely unchanged. This layout has worked well, however to continue Power Diary's progression we now need to update this.

There have been three major developments that have influenced web design over the past ten years:

  1. Monitors have changed from square to rectangular, creating more horizontal space, but with less height
  2. The mass uptake of smartphones and tablets
  3. Increased web browser capability

The upgrades we are planning will allow us to more fully make use of these shifts and enable us to add more great features without cluttering the design.

Here's ‘What’ you'll notice

Redesigned layout and updated 'look'

We are redesigning the layout to better utilize the increased horizontal screen space available and to free up room at the top of the screen for the most highly used features (plus some exciting new ones to come).  To achieve this, the main menu will be moved to the left side of the screen and the page header area has been reduced (see screenshot below). The menu can also be minimised to further increase the available horizontal space.

New Search function available on every page

Starting with the first release of our new look, there will be a new search box added to the top of the screen. This will let you quickly search for Clients, Appointments, Referrers or Invoices from wherever you are, without needing to first go to another screen.

Screens will have a more specific focus (less information per page)

Whilst it can be useful to have lots of information available on one screen, it can easily become confusing, especially for newer users. It’s also slower as the system has to do more work to prepare your data. To address this, we will be updating the way information is presented so that each screen will have a more specific focus and purpose. Here's an example of what the Client Details page will look like:

More Mobile and Tablet friendly

The new design will be ‘responsive’ which means the layout will automatically be optimised for different screen sizes.

Less scrolling

The new design will remove any custom logos and instead place your Business Name and the logged in User’s Name to the top-right of the screen.  This will make better use of the vertical space, and will reduce the need to scroll when viewing appointments or client information.  This change will also ensure a better experience on mobiles as custom logos can be tricky to display nicely and reduce your page load speeds.

A newer, simpler and fresher look

Starting first with the new Login page we released a couple of weeks ago, you’ll notice a cleaner, fresher more up-to-date look.  We’ve tweaked the colours a little too.

More features to come...

We have a number of great new features in the pipeline which we'll be releasing over the next few months.  Stay tuned for more information over the coming months.  

So ‘When’ and 'How' will these upgrades occur?

We are going to be releasing the upgrades to each area of the system in phases.  We are aiming for the first of these will be released this Friday (21st October 2016) at 01:00am AEDT and will include the new main diary screen (as pictured above) and the new Search feature.  Over the coming weeks and months we'll be upgrading each area of the system.

Have a question or some feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback or questions as we roll out these upgrades. In the meantime here are some FAQs:
1. Do I have to do anything to update my account?

No, there is nothing your need to do.  Your account will be updated automatically. If you have Power Diary open overnight when we release an upgrade you might be prompted to login in again in the morning.

2. Will access to my Power Diary account be disrupted when these upgrades are released?

Power Diary will be offline for 1 minute when an upgrade is released and these will occur between 1 and 3am AEDT to minimise disruption.

3. Are there any downsides to these changes?

Everything we do is aimed at making Power Diary the absolute best it can be. We think these upgrades will provide immediate benefit for our users, as well as better enable future development.  Change however can be anxiety provoking, and can initially require a little extra concentration too. For most of us what is familiar feels easy, and what feels easy feels right. We recognise that when we release an upgrade, no matter how much benefit we feel it will deliver, we are asking users to make a change and to trust our judgement that any initial anxiety or adjustment will be worth it. Whilst technology is constantly evolving, and we love bringing you the latest, we recognise user adjustment as a downside and try to minimise this as much as possible.

4. Will these upgrades affect my Plan rate or costs?

No, as always upgrades are provided to all accounts for free.  

We hope you enjoy these new features!



Damien Adler
Power Diary